Sopramonte is a suburb of Trento (alt. 626.m.l.s.m) where on the sunny occidental slope of Monte Bondone, surrounded by nature, at only 8 km from the county town Trento and counts around a 1000 inhabitants, stands out the Relais of Vecchio Maso. Sopramonte was once named “Oveno” and was a place of holiday for the Lords of Trento. It was known as a hay bathing establishment and as a good starting midway point of departure to different hiking towards the “Monte Bondone”.
The town is stretching out from the embankment’s cliffs in the ridge of “Dossa” (m. 744) - “Doss Calt” (m. 711) - “Castelar del la Gròa” and the etching of the “Molini River”. The nucleus of "Dòssol" (m. 619) is sheltered by a rocky survey, lapped by the “Spineda River” along the old road that leads to “Cadine”, “Baselga” and “Sant’ Anna”. Right in the centre of town you would be able to admire a “vegetal monument”, within the “Villa dei Baroni Turcati” park, now a district head quarter, the yew tree stands tall 14 meters, with a circumference of beyond 2 meters. A little further up of the bus terminus, on the right side of the road, a sign post directs you towards “Sant’Anna” (m. 838), a place where you could reach in less than half an hour the little church that still stands today. Following the track that becomes a bit rougher, you will reach the green plain of “Malga Brigolina” (m. 998). Near by the Malga, towards “Val Bogion”, at more than 26 meters high and with a log of almost 4 meters of circumference a splendid example of beech tree rises to the clouds. You could also reach the Malga following a more convenient dirt track that could be used on the way down (around 20. mns) until the road junction that leads to the “Candriai” fork, where you finally find a bus stop.