It is the love for art and tradition of Trento’s region that drove the Nicolodi Family to undertake and build a jewel of hospitality, right on the slopes of Monte Bondone on the outskirt of the city of Trento. Secluded and faithful to its personality,” Relais Vecchio-Maso” was built following the design of houses of the surrouding citizens. In fact, a lot of the material used for the constructions are artifacts or antiques found in the region.
The roof is made of recycled tiles found in Sopramonte, the slabs of slate where found in Pergine Valsugana and the steel chimneys are from different old houses located around the historic quarter of Trento.
The wooden beams were also found there and most of them were supporting frames of ancient  houses built in the 15th century. Balconies and windows are build in larch, a wood that is found in abundance in Trentino, it represents the region and gives each room an amplified natural lighting.
The two choices for the pavement: varnished larch for the rooms and crisscrossed marble for common rooms and the wellness centre.
A particular attention has been given into the use of this materials and their effects on the surroundings in order to symbiose with the countryside and its backdrop. Not to mention, of course, the use of a  “mixed” central heating composed of the traditional wood burning alternated with solar panel.
The Relais conceals within itself treasures related to art and tradition united in the comfort and technologies of a 4 stars structure that gives it a unique feel and look.